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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a delivery courier to rent a bike?

No, our bikes are designed for high-intensity delivery-based usage but not for any specific company. If you would like to rent our bikes for use in a different context, get in touch by emailing hello@getboltbikes.com

Can I buy your e-bikes?

To keep access to the great service of Bolt (like free maintenance) but own your vehicle at the end of your lease, check our "Rent to Own" options for E Bike or get in touch to learn more.

If you want to purchase your particular bike, let us know and we will price it for you based on its age.

Do I need to leave a deposit to rent a bike?

We hold a refundable deposit just in case we need to cover damages or loss of you Bolt Bike. The deposit is fully refundable when you return the bike undamaged. 

What do I need to bring to the induction?

You will need to bring your photo ID (Driver's license or Passport) and a helmet with you to your appointment. You will not be allowed to ride your bike away on the day without a helmet.

Note: We offer discounted helmets for sale at our shops. Please check with our representatives when you sign up.

Can I come in to the shop without an appointment?

Appointments are strongly recommended. 

Otherwise, we cannot guarantee service will be available at the time of walk-in. Please make your appointment here.

What do I do if I have an urgent repair?

If you would like to request a repair or service, please book your service here or email us at our location emails: 


What happens if I lose my bike or it gets stolen?

Please immediately report to the police and notify Bolt Bikes representatives. 

A secure lock is included in your rental with Bolt Bikes and we will also provide you with a guide on how to lock your bike securely.
We also advise that you take out theft cover options to reduce your liability.