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Sydney & Melbourne E-Bike Price Plans

Rent a Bolt E-bike

Why Rent it?

With a minimum rental period of only 2 weeks, you can access a like-new e-bike for our lowest weekly rental fee.

How much is it to rent a Bolt e-bike? 

For $79/week – that’s $11.3/day! The e-bike is yours 24/7.

What you get: 

A premium product:

A super comfortable ride, strong performance on hills and the most powerful battery in the market - one that will last you the whole shift (40-70km depending on your preferred power settings)

Full Servicing & Support:

All bikes get free servicing every 1,500km.  If your bike breaks in between services, we'll get you back on the road within 24hrs.  Any questions, our customer support team are online to answer you queries

Damage and theft cover:

You are covered for damages over $300. Theft cover is available for $10/week.

Rent a Bolt E-Bike

Rent to Own a Bolt E-Bike

Why Rent to Own?

You get exactly the same benefits as renting, but you will get a brand new bike which you will own outright at the end of your rental. 

Own your E-bike in 12 months for $99/week

Own your E-bike in 9 months for $119/week

Own your E-bike in 6 months for $139/ week

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What you get: 

The same premium product as rental plan 

The same servicing and support as the rental plan

The same damage and theft cover as the rental plan

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