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Book A Service Or Return

Repair & Service

Are you coming up to your required general service? Need an urgent repair?  
Use our booking system and find a time that works for you. 
Book a Repair or Service - Sydney*
Book a Repair or Service - Melbourne
Book a Repair or Service - London
Book a Repair or Service - San Francisco
*Urgent Repairs Only (Sydney) - please email sydney@getboltbikes.com, we will respond to you by 10am on weekdays for a same day booking. If you are unable to contact us, please come to our shop between 1-3pm Mon-Sat for an urgent service.

Return Your Bolt Bike

To return* your Bolt Bike, please click the links below to your City.
Return Your Bike - Sydney
Return Your Bike - Melbourne
Return Your Bike - London
Return Your Bike - San Francisco

*Please note that the date you return your bike must not be less than 7 days from the day you book for your return. Weekly fees will continue to apply for each day between the day you book your return until the bike is returned to Bolt Bikes.